About us

The Smile Dental Clinic team is made of highly educated, competent and enthusiastic dentists with extended experience in dental practice. Based on their experience in working with foreign patients, our dentists will provide responsible works, guaranteeing the same treatment quality from which you benefit in your country, but for much lower prices. The dental offices of Smile Dental Clinic are equipped with modern state-of-the-art and highly efficient dental medical equipment. Besides the highest standard equipment, our clinic uses for your treatment state-of-the-art dental materials supported by conformity certificates. Our purpose is to restore your healthy smile on a long term, for a fair price.

Why us?

• We spare the quality of the materials we use. The rate for the works in Romania is simply different from the one in the West European countries.
• Our patients' safety comes first.
• We offer a full range of services. The only thing that you need to do is book your plane ticket.
• Our dentists are professionals and friendly, well trained and up to date with the newest techniques, procedures and materials.
• We use the most modern dental diagnosis and treatment techniques.

Save up to 70 % on your dental bill

Dental implants, crowns, veneers, dentures or tooth bleaching are the main services that are worth booking a plane ticket and treat your teeth in Iasi, Romania. Though you will pay for the transport, accommodation and meals during your dental treatment in Iasi, you will still save up to 70 % in comparison to a similar treatment in your country. This way, two of your dreams can come true: not only will you regain your smile, but you will have spare money to use to your heart's content. Either you lost one or several teeth and you want them back, or you want a denture similar to the cinema stars', Smile Dental Clinic is where we say I smile again.

The medical treatment plan is established conjunctly and assure you of the accuracy and transparence of the listed prices. Depending on the work complexity, we will establish together the number of days you need to spend in Iasi for the successful completion of your dental treatment. You will not feel the time go by, as we will make sure you feel comfortable during the entire treatment period at our dental clinic.

Five steps to an unforgettable smile:

1. Evaluation and consultation
In order to establish the type of treatment you need, you should send us online a recent panoramic dental X-ray and the medical information that can help us make a medical evaluation. Our team of dentists will analyze your X-ray and contact you within 24 hours, specifying: the necessary treatment, time and costs. Contact us for a fair price for your dental health and you will convince yourself that it is not necessary to empty your pockets for the perfect smile.

2. Flight preparations
We will offer all the support you need in making the travel preparations. You will book your plane ticket. Inform us in good time regarding the period of your journey, and our partners will take care of the rest.

3. Arrival
A representative of our company will be expecting you at the airport in order to accompany you to the hotel and give you all the information you need. It will be as if you had a personal assistant during your stay in Iasi.

4. Meet the dentist
Depending on your appointment, your personal assistant will bring you to our clinic to introduce to you our medical team that will treat you and proceed with the established treatment plan. Our team of dentists will make sure you have exactly what you want.

5. Enjoy the time
While our dentists restore your dental health and smile, we will make sure you enjoy the time you spend in Iasi, putting at your disposal a range of relaxing activities from which you may choose.

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